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Andrew woke up suddenly in an infirmary. He was shocked at all the monitors he was hooked up to. Andrew never really liked to hear a machine measure his pulse.

"Sgt. Sullivan, you're awake!" said a doctor at his bed.

"What... happened? Did we kill them all?"

"Well, I'm just a doctor and reports aren't really in my position, but yes. You and your regiment killed those... things, but I'm hearing from other patients that they've spread to other locations."

"What's my condition?"

"Well judging from that fight with the beast, you'd think you'd be in tramuatic condition, but you're bones are intact and no organs were punctured. Just several bruises. That armor of yours really took all the major blows, lucky you. All that happened is that you collapsed from exhaustion, so don't over-exert yourself next time or you'll be insect food."

"That fool!" Andrew thought to himself. "If I held back, THEN I would have been insect food."

Commander John Frank entered the room. "Sullivan, great to see you're in one piece. You really raised some Hell back there."

"Just doing my duty, sir. And if it's okay with you, I would like to return to it." He said as he slowly got out of bed.

The Commander protested. "I would suggest resting a bit longer."

Andrew rebutted with fire in his eyes. "Commander, with all due respect, I have traveled through Hell and back just to stay alive fighting other humans, and I AM NOT ready to lose all that progress to some giant insects."

The doctor backed away in shock over Andrew's comment. John Frank seemed impressed at the determination in Andrew's speaking. "Very well then. If you feel like you're ready, then so be it."

"Thank you, Commander." Andrew said. "Where do I start?"

Andrew went on to assist in the extermination of other major locations. After the course of 3 weeks, the aliens stopped appearing. On top of that, there was still no response from the Southern Army. Some believe the alien invasion was part Wallis' plan. Finally, there were reports from the southern province of UBW-594244. They said that the military body had vanished and their bases were abandoned. This mystery had haunted many individuals, especially Andrew. Over the course of 7 years, Andrew was promoted to the Commander of military operations and the Cygni guards were assigned as his personal guards. What about the alien threat? Why did that happen? No one found out for the longest time. Then, it happened: the nightmare had returned.

To be continued.