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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 28 August 2021

Hellfire: Chapter 26

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Further inside the stronghold of Gajuro's forces, Sardec advanced with his HBS-VI Phantom Sword in hand. As he walked, he heard a click come from the floor. Suddenly the floor collapsed underneath and Sardec was in a sudden descent into darkness. The sword slipped out of his hand and he braced for impact. A loud slam echoed throughout the room Sardec found himself in. He opened his eyes and quickly moved his head out of the way as his sword fell tip first into the ground.

"Just my luck. They've set up trap doors. And I thought Gajuro was supposed to be the dumb brute. Radian must've given him some home security tips."

Sardec looked around the dark room.


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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 3 December 2020

Hellfire: Chapter 25

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  • 4 Inner Gut
  • 5 Alpha Reaper
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Sardec stood atop the peak of the tallest mountain in the region, gazing at the horizon. As he was entranced by the vastness of the mountain range, a thunderous roar echoed throughout the land. Sardec looked around and saw large rocks falling over the edge of the mountain. The ground began to shake violently, causing Siaga's corpse to fall alongside the rocks. Without hesitation, Sardec searched around and found a gradual descent down the mountain. He hurried downward, taking caution to avoid tripping and being crushed by falling rocks. Up above, an orange cloud of smoke covered the mountain's peak. Suddenly, the sound of an explosion thund…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 3 August 2019

Hellfire: Chapter 24

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  • 5 Full Reunion
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"Life is full of surprises, isn't it?" Radian said as he removed his helmet, revealing a dense shadow underneath.

"Is it all worth it?"

Sardec opened his eyes to see the VOID Nirvana firing at a pack of Maulers. He got up to his feet and grabbed the AST-KK assault rifle. Without hesitation, he joined his robotic companion in the battle. The Maulers were quick on their feet, dodging most of his shots. He grabbed Collapsar and tossed it forward, sucking them all toward itself. With a purple flash, the wild beasts were reduced to splattered entrails.

Sardec took a moment to catch his breath. He looked at the grey mountains surrounding him under a dark sky. As his bre…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 13 April 2019

Hellfire: Chapter 23

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  • 4 Spec Ops
  • 5 Incomplete Reunion
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"Let go of me!" Nikida shouted as Radian and Gajuro held her down, forcing her helmet off her head. 

Sardec was helpless as he watched the two generals placed a Kartinava larva on her scalp.

"Sardec! I..." Her cry was suddenly replaced with the sounds of blood sputtering.

Sardec tried to move his arms and legs, but felt no response as Murak walked up to his tattered body. His tentacles wrapped around his helmet and forcibly removed it. 

"I'll never concede! I'll..." His mouth suddenly stopped moving and all he could do was whimper.

Murak held another larva in his right arm and slowly moved it towards Sardec's head. At that moment, a loud crash was h…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 27 July 2018

Hellfire: Chapter 22

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  • 5 Reunion
  • 6 A Quiet Distraction
  • 7 A Quiet Exit
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The loose backdoor panels were slammed open as the elite Falcon soldier fell out backwards with Sardec. Sardec held the soldier's right arm upwards, pointing his AST-KK assault rifle toward the sky. The commotion alerted the other two elite soldiers minding the vehicle's cockpit. They checked to see Sardec removing the pinned soldier's helmet and punching his exposed face. They scrambled with their backpacks, attempting to reach for their AST-KKs. Sardec threw the free helmet at one soldier's head, and tossed the HBS-VI Phantom light sword at the other soldier, striking his chest with the hilt.

With the two reinforcements stunned, …

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