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Star Warfare: Renegade

February 16, 1282UBW

Today was one of the greatest moments in my life. For days I have been waiting, pacing nervously, hoping everything would be ok. I could hardly contain myself when the doctor came for me in the waiting room. He led me to the room where my wife was; she was holding a newborn baby girl. Today was the day I had become a father.

July 7, 1288UBW

I have never seen anything of this nature before. It took our closest neighbor loosing his dog, but I had discovered that our daughter, Rei, could literally drain the life from any living being. Word got out. The local military proposed to raise her under their protection, but why would they develop an interest in Rei so quickly? I fear they will only use my six-year old daughter as a bioweapon. Other parents won't let their own children near Rei. We grow ever more concerned for her safety and development. After talking with my dear wife, we have decided to move out to the countryside away from civilization.

September 26, 1295UBW

Rei's well-being is going much better than I originally pictured. She is very helpful to the farmer on the other side of the valley, Mr. Phillipson. She loves nature, spending much time in the wooded area nearby or resting in the open fields. She is well mannered, obedient, and very selfless. Her mother and I could never be more proud. I remember when I had gotten her a Light Bow for her twelfth birthday nearly a year ago. She picked it up almost naturally. I was almost as happy as I was when she was born.

April 22, 1298UBW

There was a knock on the door earlier this evening. A small group of men claiming to be a covert organization of military personnel for some bizarre reason demanded custody of Rei. I wouldn't allow them near her. When they disdainfully left I called the military's main headquarters and turned in their names. These men were discharged apparently a few years ago on account of illegal weapons research and development. Regardless of whether I refused to hand over my daughter or not, I have the feeling they will return soon...