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Human population on UBW-594244 has begun to grow. "Mithril", a diamond-like substance that glows with a faint blue light has been discovered in abundance on the planet. Said to hold immense power, mining colonies were formed to harvest mithril for humans' growing technological demand. However, a new discovery changed how mithril was viewed; miners began slipping into madness, torturing and murdering others, or even themselves. The very substance that was said to give power possessed any human that came into contact with the evil jewel, consuming them with madness and greed. Soon special precautions were taken, such as the development of resistant suits to allow safer harvest of mithril. And thus UBW-594244 began its journey into prosperity.

But very little time passed, and it was revealed that humans were not the only ones who sought mithril.

A Strange Species of life forms begun to make their deadly welcome. Attacking cities and taking every ounce of mithril. How did these abominations learn of mithril? What use could they possibly have for it? Could mithril elsewhere have corrupted their minds? In order to prevent a complete annihilation of the human population, a central military was quickly founded. The planet then began constructing weapons, armor, and even upgraded them with purified mithril itself.

But yet even another nightmare was about to awaken...

Another enemy appeared among the aliens and began to control its population. Appearing as a humanoid demon, It left nothing but slaughter and destruction in its wake. Even the larger, mightier beasts were his to command. No amount of mithril-infused equipment could stop him. But just when all was thought to be lost, three saviors descended upon a dragon from out of nowhere. Taking up their arms, they vowed to put a stop the Demon and his army. After a fierce battle, the Sky Guardians stopped the oncoming onslaught. All of the vile beasts were either killed or repelled into hiding. The Demon Commander was sealed away in a barren land furthest from any source of mithril, and the Saviors strangely disappeared. They were never seen again.

Nearly 200 years have now past since the Epoch Nightmare. Mithril is still utilized in most modern technologies. But the existence of mithril continues to bring evil and terror, and yet the humans remain blissfully unaware...