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The UHA Military comprises all the armed forces in use by the United Human Alliance.


Following the unification of the United Human Alliance in the 23rd century, the Alliance created a single, unified defence arm.

The Alliance military would serve as a readily-deployable armed force, while the nations would maintain their own militaries for regional clonflicts.  If necessary, these regional militaries would fall under the jurisdiction of the Alliance's main force.

Key installations were established on colonies in the Solar Systems such as Mars, Titan, the Moon, and later in the UBW System in the 26th century.

Organization and structure[]

The bulk of the military's strength is supplied by the United States of America,  Russia and France.  As such several units in the military originate from those nations.

Known units[]

United Human Alliance-

UHA Military-
  • 901st SS Special Forces Battalion
  • Thunderstrike Heavy Battalion
  • Railgun Rangers
UHA Army-
  • Delta Force
  • Army Rangers
  • 7th Armored Corps
  • 9th Armored Corps
UHA Navy-
  • Navy SEALS
    • SEAL Team Six
    • SEAL Team Atom
  • Navy EOD
UHA Air Force-
UHA Marine Corps-
  • 7th Marine Division
  • 9th Marine Division
  • 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing
  • 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing



  • X-99 Reaper (multi-role)
  • X-105 Apollo (air superiority)


  • MH-88 Golden Eagle (transport)
  • AH-97 Mohawk (attack)

Armored Vehicles:

  • M-90 Hyperion Main Battle Tank (Western European and North American units)
  • T-100 Misha Main Battle Tank (Eastern European, South American, and Asian units)
  • LAV-50
  • M1200 Super Stryker


  • Rise of the 901st SS- Dawn
  • Rise of the 901st SS- Maelstrom
  • Rise of the 901st SS- Paladin