UHAS Relentless

The UHAS Relentless in deep-space action

The UHAS Relentless is an advanced corvette of the UHAS Navy.  It is the first of its kind and the flagship of Navy Flotilla 14, under the command of Captain David Radsworth.


After the UHA Civil War, the military was rapidly expanded.  One of the many demands of the armed forces' leadership was for a fast interceptor starship, incorporating the latest in engine weapon and stealth technology. 

To this end, it fell to Excelsior Shipbuilding Co. to build the proposed warship.  The result was the Relentless, a top-of-the-line starship which could travel at speeds unprecedented by other naval vessels, and still remain undetected.  Alliance leadership was pleased with new warship and ordered that it enter mass-production as the Relentless class.

Upon completion, the original Relentless was immediately deployed to Navy Flotilla 14, stationed over UBW-594244.  She was placed under the command of Captain David Radsworth and Admiral Lance Bridges, who replaced his old flagship with the new warship.  While under the jurisdiction of the Navy, the Relentless was used to transport and equip troops from all branches of the military.

Human-Alien WarEdit

The Relentless was present for the start of the Human-Alien War, destroying an infested space station orbiting UBW-594244, and later deploying troops to the planet's surface in time for the disastrous Battle of the Plains.  By the time of the Battle of New Paris, she had joined by her newly completed sister ship, Undaunted.

Known officersEdit

Weapons and ArmamentEdit

  • 2 heavy railguns
  • 150 Hunter-Killer cruise missile ports
  • 6 ICBM ports
  • 52 Falcon 88-mm turrets
  • 46 Mirage laser turrets
  • 1 Aegis anti-missile defense system


  • Marines
  • Soldiers
  • 901st SS
  • Shadow Corps
  • Dropships
  • Gunships
  • Fighter Jets