Here we will create a list of events in Human history. An actual timeline may be added eventually. The events here are in AD. Originally thought up by bolt1217.

2068: Moon colony begins

2070: Human race begins a long war, later known as the last war.

2080: More Humans live on he moon then on Earth.

2096: Humans leave the Milky Way, and colonize several planets.

2156: Mankind has created a massive fleet, they go to conquer the universe..

Lost Time: A war erupted, causing documents at the time to be lost.

3,400 Humans dominate one quarter of the universe.

3,456: First traces of mithrillium are found.

3,468: A mithril rush begins, the Andromeda sector is filled with prospectors.

3,500: The Human Alliance decides to make the mining federal business.

3,509: The Great Warp War begins.

3,521: New military leaders form the star warfare project.

3,534: The Great Warp War ends.

3,586: Aliens begin to attack mithrillium frigates, ships, and government bases.

3,602: Earth is re-discovered, and the original Solar System is repopulized.

3,684: The moon colony becomes home of a handful of future military leaders.

3,705: Earth's flagship is destroyed, the Star Warfare Project is refunded, and an army of 10,000 commandos form the Alpha batch of the Star Warfare Project.

3,706: The first events of Star Warfare occur.

3,707: The Mithril war begins, yellow mithril is discovered.

3,708: The great mithril city is discovered.

3,709: Humanity has conquered four-sixths of the Universe.

3,710: Humanity has launched a full scale conquest of the Universe, the aliens rebel.

Rest: Unrecorded---------Yet to be, Humanity eventually become "gods"(rulers) of the universe, but many has yet to be seen.