The Great Warp WarEdit

The war was a huge intergalactic battle for the Zeta and Tenshu zones. It cost many lives and resources to fight the war, and ended up in a huge bloodbath, with no clear winner.

The Opposing ArmiesEdit

There were three opposing armies.

-The Independent Systems of Liberty

-The Republic of Seven Suns

-The Kingdom of S'ven

A Brief HistoryEdit

The war took 25 years to fight, and the area was so polluted, it became uninhabitable. First, the rare green mithril was discovered, and everyone rushed to claim it. The governments got involved, and created military presences to strengthen claims. A long war erupted and claimed many lives. The following surviving records from a scholar named Thadeus were discovered and translated.

The war is so terrible, billions of lives have been lost, planets stripped of their resources. 19 Years into the war, and no winner... When will this killing end? 24 years, almost 25, and we may see the wars end... The entire war was a WASTE!!! The area is polluted, and nothing can survive in such conditions.

However, the dead bodies left on the planets of the area disappeared in search-and-rescue missions. Strange signals emit from the area when ships pass by, as if someone is trying to signal help. Ships entering the area never come out. The area is now known as "The Doom Zone".

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