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"Dinner serves, Britches"...FARKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!

-Thanapat said to the alien horde in Star warfare: The judgement day.

|210px|Pun with dead serpent at trailblazer laboratory.]]
Pun with dead serpent at trailblazer laboratory.
Vital statistics
Position Main Character
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'3
Weight 120 lbs.


We don't know much about his background. Like another FENRIR alliance, he got hibernated in ice. But only one evidence about his age is his local paper that tells that he was born around in 2000.

Pun already shows that he is straightforward and direct. But another habit is confidential. He shows that he can change emotions in a few seconds, as when he is on the battlefield, he will become a pyromaniac that can be crazy if he sees blood spray on the ground.

Appearance in SW: the judgement day[]

At first time he got secret mission with Sea, Pete, Sun, and Patter. To infiltrate in wikia army and follow. At first time they made Armando fell interested that they did not have dog tag of wiki army. But they can survive by unreal document.

Then at Altamakia desert, they made wikia army feel very impression because that pun saved many soldiers from Sand-worm and horde of aliens. So, Falcon allowed them to come with wikia army in enemy area.

In battle with Toyn' brother. He fought bravely along Sea and made it run away. But they got commanded that they must come back in their border.

In battle of New Paris, he found Tamnil and reunited with another FENRIR member and fought with Inferna (O-Quenta-Amatolia) and made a retreat from the battlefield.