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Air Force Pararescue "Shadow Corps"


Military Force
Goal Extract special forces personnel in the war against the aliens
Function Operator and personnel extraction force, pararescue
Core base(s) UHA Navy Flotilla 14, UHAS Undaunted (mobile); Dynasty Air Base, UBW-594244
Status Operational
Info Header 2
Commander Lt. Gen. Alexei "Andromeda" Nikolayev
Type Special Operations
Theme song Norwegian Pirate- Two Steps From Hell
Branch UHA Air Force
Armor Andromeda; Draco

The Shadow Corps are an elite formation of Air Force pararescue operatives trained and structured specifically for service in the UHA sector of UBW.  They under the direct command of Lieutenant General Alexei "Andromeda" Nikolayev.


The United Human Alliance's Shadow Corps can trace its lineage to the Air Force Pararescue of the United States of America.  The Shadow Corps was created specifically for service in the 26th century sector of UBW.

Organization and structure[]

Little has changed in the physically exhausting and brutal training course that pararescue operators must go through, with the training facilities still located in the United States on Earth.  The very best of these PJs are eligible to join Shadow Corps, and may then enter the Operator Training Course on Saturn's moon, Titan.  The very few trainess that survive the course are then immediately deployed for their first assignments in UBW.

Uniform and appearance[]

Shadow Corps troops employ Andromeda and Draco armor as the basis of their outfits, but are free to make modifications to fit their preferences, as is the case with the901st SS.

Shadow Corps also follows the operator practice of not shaving their hair.  This is to discourage their identification as special operations troops.

Known members[]


  • Lt. Gen. Alexei "Andromeda" Nikolayev (leader)
  • Master Sgt. Dylan Riley
  • Borsch
  • Centurion
  • Diesel
  • Hammer
  • Javelin
  • Petrol
  • Shirley Temple
  • Tomahawk
  • Vodka


  • The Shadow Corps is an allusion to Silent Andromeda's defunct clan, The Andromeda Galaxy.