"This is killing field! I really hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Sea: Star warfare: The Judgement Day chapter 15

Sarach 'Sea' Tangkasemjit is a friend of Tamnil. And another main protagonist of The Judgement Day.

Sarach 'Sea' Tangkasemjit


|210px|Sea in his favourite combat suit.]]
Sea in his favourite combat suit.
Vital statistics
Position Main character
Age Unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 5'4
Weight 54 kg.

Biography Edit

We guess that he was born around the year 2000 but was in a suspended animation device. So we can't calculate his real age, like another S-team member.

He is a funny, optimistic, and great looking solider. He is another side of the coin with Tamnil.

Ability and traits Edit

Sea is the tech guy. He can hack Infranite computers and vehicles. Also, he is a specialist in mechanical programming and robotics because he studied in the Mechanical University of Trailblazer and he graduated at a PH.D. rank.

Also, he is one of the tankers in S-team. His weapons are mainly the Trinity, Windblade, R-700 and machine gun, and he also create turrets, flares, bullets, energy, and more from scratch. He is one of thebest members in S-team and FENRIR.

His setup, weapon, and armour. Edit

He mainly wears the Cygni and Perseus suits. And he uses Trinity, Railgun, Landmine, running funnels, windblade, C-200, EMP, Air strike, Mechanical box, Simple turret, and a laptop.

Trivia Edit

His name comes from an existing man, and he is my friend.