Rise of the Delta-X Forces is a first person viewed fanfiction written by Hex8227. It follows the tale of Commander Harper, a soldier that is in charge of an elite legion of X-fielders, known as Delta-X.  

The United Human Military, or UHM, gives orders to Harper and his legion, which they carry out. But many things stand in his way from perfect victory, for instance: a friend's death, or the great uprising of the HIAL. 

Different types of UHM soldiers. Edit

There are many kinds of soldiers in the UHM, and you probably know them all by now, but I just want to tell you what they wear, and that kinda stuff.

Marines: Marines are the everyday UHM soldier. They are normal humans, unlike all the other kinds soldiers, who are Cyborgs, created by the UHM. They wear Viper armor and are equiped with the FL334AR assault rifle.

Cyborgs: Cyborgs are created by the UHM to serve as super-soldiers.

Commandos: Commandos have different classes, ranging from Alpha to Omega. They are put in each class at the end of their training, then, they go through one last test, and it depends on how well you did, but then you will be added to a second class ranging from 1 to 10. Confused? Say that there's a squad of commandos that are ranked as Beta-class, then they pass the test, ranked 4. Then they will be known as Beta-4, because there is a number class inside the name class. Commandos where Knight armor.

Pilots: Pilots wear Tank armor. If they belong to a particular legion, their armor is colored the same color as that legion's armor.

UHM Army Edit


Sniper Squads: Sniper squads are teams of Atom armored sniper specialists.

Alpha squad: A squad of 1st Alpha-class commandos [see commandos section].