Rise of the 901st SS is a story written by Armando Commando covering the Alien War in depth, told through first-person accounts of various military personnel.  The central characters are from the 901st SS, an elite force deployed to fight the aliens on the front lines.

There are currently two main installments, Dawn and Maelstrom and a prequel Paladin.


Following a civil war which further unified the United Human Alliance, the alien invasion begins on UBW-594244.  Mobilizing it's forces, the apex of the military centers around the 901st SS, a spec ops force that will be involved in every operation of the war.

Main CharactersEdit

Lt. Gen. Jagdtanker:  901st leader, wears Perseus armor

Lt. Col. Veronica901st subcommander, wears hybrid Perseus/Atom armor

1st Lt. Racinrot:  901st medic, wears Perseus armor

Staff Sgt. Paladin:  901st assassin, wears Perseus armor

Staff Sgt. Sharkface: 901st weapons officer, wears hybrid Perseus/Draco armor

Staff Sgt. Laser Perseus: 901st saboteur, wears hybrid Perseus/Andromedae armor

Madeline: 901st AI, partnered with Jagdtanker

Cody: 901st AI, partnered with Veronica

Lt. Gen. Alexei "Andromeda" Nikolayev: Shadow Corps leader, wears Andromedae armor

Main FactionsEdit

United Human Alliance-

UHA Military-
Task Force Omega-
  • 901st SS Special Forces Battalion
  • Thunderstrike Heavy Battalion
  • Railgun Rangers
UHA Army-
  • Delta Force
  • Army Rangers
  • 7th Armored Corps
  • 9th Armored Corps
UHA Navy-
  • Navy SEALS
    • SEAL Team Six
    • SEAL Team Atom
  • Navy EOD
UHA Air Force-
UHA Marine Corps-
  • 7th Marine Division
  • 9th Marine Division
  • 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing
  • 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

Unified Alien Syndicate: