The Crawling Chaos
Main force Aliens
Special Agents Bosses
Race Deity
Powers Shape-shifting, immortality, indoctrination, spatiokinesis and umbrakinesis among others.
Goals To destroy/conquer humanity, harvest Mithril for unknown purposes, spread chaos and madness.


Nyarlathotep is one of a pantheon of gods known as the "Outer Gods". Although he is a figure acknowledged by the Church of Retribution almost exclusively, he can be considered a invisible force throughout the events surrounding the lives of the Siegfrieds as well potentially humanity as a whole, making himself present through external agents.

Children of the ProphesyEdit

Even though reputed, due to the fact many important figures of the world being members of the Church, the religion, and subsequently his figure, have a great deal of power in political events as well being present on the public, being one of the current mainstream religions beside Judeo-Christianity, Buddhism, Onion-worshipers, and Universalists.

Of particular focus in their teachings is the apocalyptic prophesy of the paladin, believed to be by many the harbinger of humanity's timely comeuppance at the hands of his supposed son. Described as a young man that posses psychic powers beyond human capacity whom will make his presence known when war erupts between brothers.

This following, despite the popularity it has among the population of the 24th century, is also considered a cult, instigating hostilities from those that do not share their believes, mainly Christians that liken the "paladin" to the biblical figure of the anti-christ and Nyarlatothep as a satanic figure.


  • One of several forms Nyarlathotep can take on.Go to
  • Known in Kenya as The Black Wind, known to cause devastating storms.
  • Described as a well suited, tall humanoid lacking any facial features.
  • Popular depiction of Pandemonium.


  • This incarnation of the Lovecraftian villain is based mainly on several evil deities, mainly Lucifer from Christianity, although it is considered one and the same as the entity described in the Cthulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft. His works are still well known in the setting however.
  • The basis for the introduction of this villain in the Rise series is heavily influenced by Silent's own antagonist in The Invasion series, Aivsht Murak, a force that acts from behind the scenes for the majority of the story. However the main differences besides power levels, Aivsht paling as a simple mortal alien being in comparison to the deity Nyarlatothep represents, but in the fact Murak lacks any kind of worshipping, at least by humans.