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Madeline's dossier photo
Vital statistics
Nickname(s) Maddie, Maddy
Age Unknown, approximately 19 (simulated)
Rank None
Affiliations 901st SS, UHA Army, UHA Navy
Nationality American
Physical attributes
Status Functional (AI)
Sex Female
Height 0' 6" (miniaturized), 5' 9" (expanded)
Weight None
Race Eurasian

Madeline is an Advanced Intelligence in the 901st SS, partnered with Lt. Gen. Miles Jagdtanker .


Madeline was Racinrot's personal assistant, but she was given to Jagdtanker, as Racinrot did not appreciate her "feisty valley girl" personality. 

She mind-synced with Jagdtanker after the armor upgrade, which also boosted her system.  Madeline explains that during the mind-sync she experienced a vortex of colors, with several shapes such as circles and triangles scattered about. She helped Jagdtanker test his armor on the simulation deck of UHAS Relentless, whic resulted in a successful simulation mission.  Madeline would accompany Jagdtanker during the 901st's redeployment to Imperial Bunker.


Madeline reflects the image of a Californian valley girl through and through, cheerful and optimistic.  She displays this in her speech, using "gosh" and "like" frequently.  Madeline is not dim-witted though, as she can function to the standards of an Advanced Intelligence perfectly fine, and Jagdtanker even praises her for maintaining his situational awareness. 

She is also very approving of any sort of love, seeing the way she reacts to Laser Perseus and Veronica's relationship, and how she encourages Jagdtanker to go for Riley.

During the Battle for Trinity City, Madeline mind-synced with General Jagdtanker to enable him to fight more clearly. She was saddened by Sharkface's death.

Madeline reappears after the 901st SS have reboarded UHAS Relentless for redeployment to Faucon. She shares Captain Riley Anderson's initial disdain for Lt. Teagan-963, the new Draco assassin sent by the UHA to hunt down PAIL on UBW. The two attempt to convince General Jagdtanker that Project Black Hole will go terribly wrong, but the 901st leader does not share their concerns.


  • "Hey Miles, ready for a refresher course?"
  • "The armor program and myself have been totally re-done.  Apparently the suit's pilot has to mind-sync with the 'Advanced Intelligence', moi."
  • "Oh my gosh, yeah!  I was totally gonna' say that, did you like, read my mind?"
  • "Yeah Jag!  Shoot 'em through the head!"
  • "Gosh general, this is huge.  And the rest of the battalion is headed to UBW also?"
  • "Feel free to call me Maddie, Jagdtanker."
  • "Aww, isn't that adorable??"


  • When Racinrot gave Madeline to General Jagdtanker, he described her in a very irritated manner.  Since Madeline and Jagdtanker are on far better terms, it can be assumed Madeline was purposefully annoying Racinrot.
  • Madeline is envious of human displays of affection, to the extent that she wishes she had a physical body.

    Madeline in anime form.


  • Rise of the 901st SS- Dawn
  • Rise of the 901st SS- Maelstrom