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"This is our last battle, my brother"

-Inferna talks to Tamnil in star warfare: The Judgement Day: Chapter 29

Inferna is Tamnil's brother, And the last boss in Star Warfare:The Judgement Day.

Inferna (O-Quenta-Amatolia)
|210px|Inferna in battle suit.]]
Inferna in battle suit.
Vital statistics
Position Main character (Bad guy)
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Inferna is a clone of Tamnil. His DNA comes from Tamnil's blood in Operation Infinity. He was born from Kzak'kuil's project "Project OMEGA" to form a super soldier that will annihilate mankind in the future.

His ability[]

Inferna is one of the strongest of his kind. He has an ability that can make him think and do instantly in the battlefield. He has a splinter skill, Talented, Prodigious skill (he can even calculate the number of toothpicks that the tester will drop before they hit the ground.) He also has skills in engineering, hacking, hunting, spying, predator, annihilation, and also he has superhuman strength. (When he transforms to alien form, he can even pick up a 3rd story building and throw it like it is foam)

His setup[]

He only wears INFRANITE battle suit. It looks like Phoenix suit but in black and white. He uses a Vambrace blade, Colt.89, INFRANITE shotgun, rifle, suppressed sniper, thermomine, C-200, Vladimir, O-Muramasa (Like Tamnil's blade but in Black and magenta color), MZ-Omega and also he can use all human weapons and vehicles easily.


Operation: Sundance Orion

He led the attack on New Tokyo. Tamnil met him when he tried to destroy Tokyo tower. Luckily, when he saw Tamnil, he left the battlefield immediately.

Inferna in battle of new Paris.

Operation: Rain hunter

He was sent from infranite army to destroy the military tower set near Eiffel Tower at New Paris. He killed many elite soliders before he destroyed the Eiffel Tower and injured many of the Wikia army.

The judgement day: part 1

He infiltrated the Trailblazer Power Plant and gave a Mithril purified explosive to Jeffrey Rothwell. But when he tried to come out, he met a guard and Paladin, who accidentally met him at the entrance. The fight began, but he won, luckily, when he swung his blade through Paladin's neck. Armando and another wiki member came to save him. Inferna escaped, but he got wounded by Tamnil's windblade on his arm. But, before he left, He told all of the wiki army that Jeffrey is atraitor. Then they begin the hunt.

Inferna tried to escape from reactor core.


-Inferna came from the author's username in star warfare wiki (Inferna123)

-His suit inspiration come from my secret ID (Colossus111) that I wear Phoenix suit and hand MZ.

-henw this brother met each other for the first time, They had different emotions. Tamnil felt very astonished, But Inferna was very glad, because he heard the name 'Ana-BAERA' for a long time as his brother. (When Tamnil killed General Kzak'ku,l at first he got honored even by the Infranite kind)