"How the obnoxious you are, human"

-Mariyad Kazk'kul said to flotilla A commander by telecom, Operation INFINITY part 3.

The INFRANITE is the name of hostile, ancient alien race. And the antagonistic faction in Star warfare: operation INFINITY and Star warfare: The judgement day.

History Edit

The creation

INFRANITE race was created by the Star-collision about 1200 millions year ago. Because the combination of DNA from two micro-organism that live on both planet, and the new form of creature was created. Luckily, they survive from the collision and the grand disaster. But they need to stay on the only one home. The meteorite.

400 million years later, that meteorite crash to one barrens planet. And INFRANITE start to evolution, they turn into a 4-legs then 2 legs and finally turn into a vertebrate creature. All of this process use 6 million years.

From many state to capitalism

At the first of INFRANITE settlement. They stay in a dark caves or the black cavern because their eyes can't deal with UV-C ray from their suns. 200000 years later, their eyes can protected by the extra thick retina and extreme thick carapace. In that time, the shelter that created from the thick rock and their mucus had been created by them. Then they have learned that the cold lava rock (or obsidian) that combined with acid from one kind of native plant on that planet, can protected them from the sunlight and meteor shower. So the new type of construction has begun. They called this material "Arakeal (unbreakable gift)"

In that age, the INFRANITE community is spread to whole planet. In one community will have their own Mariyad (leader) and their own law. The war between clan is begun very often.

400 years later, there have a changes, 'Mariyad' Turak Ma' Anor I of rugas clan. Begin planet unity plan, he invade and conquer another clan on that planet. By diplomat or war, he use 40 years for that plan. Finally, the planet are now only one clan. Then, Turak establish himself to 'Grande Mariyad' Turak Ma' Anor the first. And the gold ages has begun.

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