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Earth is the third planet of the Sol System. It also served as the first home for humanity, otherwise known by its scientific name Homo Sapiens. In fate is different depending on the story as in some it is still the center piece of human territory in the Milky Way galaxy and beyond while in others it is abandoned to rot for the ages to come.


A Galaxy Divided[]

Earth is a desolate place, a place that was once ruled by a country known as Ameriuka.It is now a place for bandits and smugglers,and legend has it that a primitive but deadly weapon, the Nuklear Kannon. Finding this weapon led to the speculated destruction of Earth.

Rise of the 901st SS[]

Earth is the political and military headquarters of the United Human Alliance and the most heavily populated Alliance world. The world's three leading superpowers are the United States of America, the French Republic, and the Russian Federation. Australia serves as the UHA's capital of private military corporations, while Germany is the Alliance's lead prototype weapons manufacturer.