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Divina is the grand capital planet of the Independent Systems of Liberty. It is a grand planet, close to the size of Earth and it is covered with forests. Buildings are all located underneath the surface, and cover all of the underground levels of the planets, up to zone 20.

An entrance to the underground cities.

Divina in A Galaxy Divided[]

Divina has been a populated planet since space travel started, and only grew. It's people are in harmony with nature, and try not to disrupt it. The people created an empire to make sure Divina stayed safe, and no one could harm the exotic species of plants and animals there. After the Hendishi revolt, General McGriffin took control, and harnessed the power of the empire's mithril deposits. After wanting more and more mithril, he decided to claim ALL of the mithril for himself. However, he wasn't the only one after the mithril. After his death from the war, leaders became more peaceful, yet still recognized the need for mithril, to keep the planets and people from harm. It's current leader is Y'vena, Prince of the Blade.

Divina after the Strikers stripped the planet of mithril, and barraged it with Quanto Cannons