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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 10 February

Hellfire: Chapter 27

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  • 2 Hillside
  • 3 The Duel
  • 4 An Old Friend

Within a flash, Sardec was teleported in the middle of an ongoing firefight on UBP116's frozen glaciers. He looked down from the cliff he was on to see two groups of similarly-armored soldiers firing various weapons at each other. Each side appeared indistinguishable from one another. Sardec laid prone and kept his head down as he observed the battle. Within a moment, he heard a familiar language.

"Graah inhk ben gan!"

There was no mistaking it -- one side were Kartinava forces. He listened carefully to the chatter and distinguished which side were the enemy. He determined the Kartinava soldier manning a Fort-II to be their strongest unit. Sardec drew the HBS-VI Phantom from his Immortal …

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 28 August 2021

Hellfire: Chapter 26

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  • 2 A Vision of the Ancients
  • 3 Kaneria Mines
  • 4 Earthquake Induction Device
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Further inside the stronghold of Gajuro's forces, Sardec advanced with his HBS-VI Phantom Sword in hand. As he walked, he heard a click come from the floor. Suddenly the floor collapsed underneath and Sardec was in a sudden descent into darkness. The sword slipped out of his hand and he braced for impact. A loud slam echoed throughout the room Sardec found himself in. He opened his eyes and quickly moved his head out of the way as his sword fell tip first into the ground.

"Just my luck. They've set up trap doors. And I thought Gajuro was supposed to be the dumb brute. Radian must've given him some home security tips."

Sardec looked aro…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 3 December 2020

Hellfire: Chapter 25

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  • 2 Continental Conflict
  • 3 Mount St. Hellus
  • 4 Inner Gut
  • 5 Alpha Reaper
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Sardec stood atop the peak of the tallest mountain in the region, gazing at the horizon. As he was entranced by the vastness of the mountain range, a thunderous roar echoed throughout the land. Sardec looked around and saw large rocks falling over the edge of the mountain. The ground began to shake violently, causing Siaga's corpse to fall alongside the rocks. Without hesitation, Sardec searched around and found a gradual descent down the mountain. He hurried downward, taking caution to avoid tripping and being crushed by falling rocks. Up above, an orange cloud of smoke covered the mountain's peak. Suddenly, the sound of an explosion thund…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 3 August 2019

Hellfire: Chapter 24

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  • 2 Scavengers
  • 3 The Storm
  • 4 Siaga
  • 5 Full Reunion
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"Life is full of surprises, isn't it?" Radian said as he removed his helmet, revealing a dense shadow underneath.

"Is it all worth it?"

Sardec opened his eyes to see the VOID Nirvana firing at a pack of Maulers. He got up to his feet and grabbed the AST-KK assault rifle. Without hesitation, he joined his robotic companion in the battle. The Maulers were quick on their feet, dodging most of his shots. He grabbed Collapsar and tossed it forward, sucking them all toward itself. With a purple flash, the wild beasts were reduced to splattered entrails.

Sardec took a moment to catch his breath. He looked at the grey mountains surrounding him under a dark sky. As his bre…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 13 April 2019

Hellfire: Chapter 23

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  • 2 Assimilation
  • 3 UBP116 Terminal
  • 4 Spec Ops
  • 5 Incomplete Reunion
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"Let go of me!" Nikida shouted as Radian and Gajuro held her down, forcing her helmet off her head. 

Sardec was helpless as he watched the two generals placed a Kartinava larva on her scalp.

"Sardec! I..." Her cry was suddenly replaced with the sounds of blood sputtering.

Sardec tried to move his arms and legs, but felt no response as Murak walked up to his tattered body. His tentacles wrapped around his helmet and forcibly removed it. 

"I'll never concede! I'll..." His mouth suddenly stopped moving and all he could do was whimper.

Murak held another larva in his right arm and slowly moved it towards Sardec's head. At that moment, a loud crash was h…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 27 July 2018

Hellfire: Chapter 22

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  • 2 Attempt
  • 3 Aftermath
  • 4 Former Home
  • 5 Reunion
  • 6 A Quiet Distraction
  • 7 A Quiet Exit
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The loose backdoor panels were slammed open as the elite Falcon soldier fell out backwards with Sardec. Sardec held the soldier's right arm upwards, pointing his AST-KK assault rifle toward the sky. The commotion alerted the other two elite soldiers minding the vehicle's cockpit. They checked to see Sardec removing the pinned soldier's helmet and punching his exposed face. They scrambled with their backpacks, attempting to reach for their AST-KKs. Sardec threw the free helmet at one soldier's head, and tossed the HBS-VI Phantom light sword at the other soldier, striking his chest with the hilt.

With the two reinforcements stunned, …

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 17 April 2018

Hellfire: Chapter 21

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  • 2 Lair
  • 3 Return of Peace
  • 4 F.H. Cavern
  • 5 Day of Refreshment
  • 6 The Mission of Surprise
    • 6.1 Next: Chapter 22

There was a brief flash of light and a minor stinging sensation. Sardec found himself right where he departed from UBW-594244. Sardec climbed up the tallest hill to scout out the area and saw the area was completely abandoned. He accessed the features of his HUD and activated a distress signal on a UNCC channel. Sardec sat down to admire the scenery. A clear night sky casted itself over the empty canyon. UBW-594244's moon shone over, causing the rocks to glisten. Sardec took the moment to remove his helmet and take in a deep breath. He exhaled and saw the warm moisture of his breath contrast with the cold air. 

A faint sound w…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 21 February 2018

Hellfire: Chapter 20

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  • 2 Earth Headquarters
  • 3 20th Anniversary
  • 4 Revolution
  • 5 UBW-594244 Terminal
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With enough Crawmite tissue, copies of the super virus were created and stored in small capsules. Sardec and Mark stored the copies in their backpacks and left the base to find Murak's private quarters on Earth's surface. As they traveled through the dense fog, a small blurry laser shone through above them.

"Get down!" Mark whispered loudly as he grabbed Sardec and dropped to the ground.

"What? What's wrong?"

"Shhhh!" Mark whispered.

"What?" Sardec said quietly.

Mark pointed towards the laser.

"Sniper. Keep your head down."

Mark pushed Sardec's face down to the ground and waited for the laser to move away from them. At that moment. he saw a …

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 15 December 2017

Hellfire: Chapter 19

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  • 2 Dawn of the Third Day
  • 3 Unwelcome Presence
  • 4 The Backdoor
  • 5 Tactical Espionage Action
  • 6 R&D
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Dawn had come and an orange hue lit up the sky, while heavy fog surrounded the ground. Mark stood by the window of the abandoned building campsite. His three Panthers stood by his side. He knelt down and pet them.

"This isn't going to be easy, boys. I hope your noses are still working, because the rest of us aren't going to see very well. Time to wake up our new friend."

Mark walked over to Sardec, who was sleeping by Molly the Rhino's belly.

"Rise and shine, son!" he said as he nudged Sardec's shoulder.

Sardec flinched violently with a quick yelp, waking up Molly as a result.

"Relax! You're safe with me. This war has real…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 9 October 2017

Hellfire: Chapter 18

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  • 2 A Voice of the Past
  • 3 Life of Isolation
  • 4 A Walk in the Park
  • 5 Conflict of Interest
  • 6 Replanning
    • 6.1 Next: Chapter 19

Sardec's head was in raging pain as he slowly came to. His blurry vision cleared and found himself unarmored, tied to a chair, and saw a man pointing a gun at him.

"What are you?"

"What's going on here?"

"Answer me! What are you?"

"What do you mean? I'm human!"

"You don't look all too human with those metal parts on your face. You sure aren't one of Murak's people, but I don't consider trespassing to be very friendly either. Are you one of their crazy experiments? Have they finally made human drones without their manual control!?"

"No, no! My name is Sardec! I'm from the UNCC!"

"'Sardec'? 'UNCC'? What the Hell are you t…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 2 September 2017

Hellfire: Chapter 17

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  • 2 Naked and Afraid
  • 3 Familiar Foes
  • 4 Hell's Army
  • 5 Surfacing
    • 5.1 Next: Chapter 18

One moment Sardec stood in an open canyon. After a moment of feeling a sting, his next sight was a dark cavern with blue emergency lights placed amongst the floor. He frantically looked around himself, seeing none of his peers alongside him. His breathing became more intense as he scampered about the room. He backed himself into a dark corner and slid down against the wall. As he sat down, he tried to calm himself by slowing his breathing. He stood in unknown territory and found himself too cautious to even think aloud.

Once he steadied his breath, Sardec accessed his built-in scanner protocol. He soon found out that he was not alone. His scan detec…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 30 June 2017

Hellfire: Chapter 16

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  • 2 Home Again
  • 3 Update Available
  • 4 A Fair Trade
  • 5 Superman
  • 6 Briefing
  • 7 Earth Terminal
  • 8 Earth Teleporter
    • 8.1 Next: Chapter 17

The last image Sardec saw before closing his eyes was the dark caves of planet Hellus. He opened his eyes again and found himself in complete darkness. He realized he wasn't feeling the security of his Magma armor. He felt cold, naked, and afraid. He heard a door creaking open, with a bright light coming through. A shadowed figure approached and its face flickered like a broken television. 

The dark room was then filled with light and the shadowed figure now appeared as a woman in a doctor's coat. Sardec rubbed his eyes and his vision cleared up, seeing himself in a bed and hooked up to several medical machines. …

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 27 April 2017

Hellfire: Chapter 15

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  • 2 Reunion
  • 3 Factory Omega
  • 4 Alien Technology
  • 5 UBW-594244 Terminal
  • 6 Sigmund
  • 7 Gateway to Home
    • 7.1 Next: Chapter 16

Sardec and the remainder of the scouting squad returned to Mining Site Delta, where Kellogg and the rest of the UNCC regime awaited. Upon arrival, they saw a lack of hostiles and casualty corpses piled up. The base was now clear.

"Julian Sardec! Glad to see you made it in one piece! How do you feel?"

"Very tired and bruised up, Kellogg. I don't think I can take this planet much longer."

"Don't pass out on me just yet. We have one more mission, then we're getting out of here. We've gathered intel from this base and learned the coordinates of a mining factory. This place supplies all of the tools the Kartinava are using. Th…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 11 March 2017

Hellfire: Chapter 14

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  • 2 No Man's Mine
  • 3 Decomposition
  • 4 A New Threat
  • 5 Death Toll
    • 5.1 Next: Chapter 15

The entrance panel was lifted and a 20-man UNCC squad marched inside the mine, their weapons ready. The mine was eerily quiet. A warm, musty fog flowed through the dark mine, preventing efficient use of their flashlights. The squad examined the various corpses scattered amongst the floor, of both human and Diathel. 

"This place looks dead." One soldier said.

"I-I-I Think we should leave. You know, get back to Kellogg!" Exclaimed another.

A third, tougher soldier rebuked the two. "Sardec! Aren't you going to tell these children to stay focused?"

Sardec did not respond. He walked slowly towards the Diathel corpses, in a trance-like state. He slowly placed…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 3 January 2017

Hellfire: Chapter 13

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  • 2 Preparations
  • 3 On Transit
  • 4 Mining Site Delta
  • 5 A Nasty Surprise
  • 6 Aftermath
    • 6.1 Next: Chapter 14

Over the night, the UNCC units slept while small groups would take shifts on watch. Kellogg as amongst the last group. 

"Sleeping hours are over! Normally I would say 'rise and shine', but it's just as dark out there as when we first got here. The next point of interest is only a few east kilometers from here. In case the next place proves too tough to handle, we will need this place to fall back on. 50 people. I want 50 people to remain here. This mine is large and will need that many guards."

There was a rise of debate amongst the crowd. Kellogg could hardly hear himself think.

"That's enough! I know we haven't lost any men yet, but …

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 21 October 2016

Hellfire: Chapter 12

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  • 2 Planet Hellus
  • 3 The Outback from Hell
  • 4 The Horde
  • 5 Red Light, Green Light
  • 6 Diathel Mine
    • 6.1 Next: Chapter 13

The light flashed before the eyes of the UNCC units. One moment they saw the night time surface of UBW, the next moment they found themselves in a dark rocky terrain. The sky was dark gray, ruled by dense storm clouds. The ground was dark enough to barely see where they were standing. Atmospheric readings showed heavy concentrations of carbon dioxide. Kellogg was the first to assess the situation.

"Snowden! Where did you send us?"

"Planet Hellus, sir. My team and I set coordinates to the closest enemy outpost while far enough to stay off of their radar."

"How far are we from their nearest base?"

"The nearest base is a mine …

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AbsoluteZero12 AbsoluteZero12 12 October 2016

Star Warfare: Epoch Nightmare -- Part 1

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If it were possible to combine medieval times with those of an unimaginably distant future, the world of Gryse would be just that. Streets shone with the sheen of polished metal, with beams of bright blue neon pulsing through it in symmetrical lines. Buildings resembled chrome skyscrapers, save for stylish windows and more neon of various colors coursing through veins lining them up and down, side to side, and even in unique and uneven zig-zag patterns. Other unique structures were also present. However, the roads carried nary a vehicle. Goers traveled on foot, otherwise transportation involved flying on or riding beasts, many resembling dragons, large birds, horses, and other animal steeds. There was a large city square …

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AbsoluteZero12 AbsoluteZero12 19 September 2016


Dear Wikia community:

Zero here, just wanting to say that soon I will be re-releasing Star Warfare: Gems of Time. While much of the plot and story will be the same, I mostly will be augmenting the script for grammar and spelling errors, filling plot holes, general cleanup, or changing something that makes me angry to read over. Because of this, I will be overwritting the original script and NOT releasing the changed version separately.

If you have already read Gems of Time, feel free to reread to see these changes or refresh your memory on the story, as I will also continue writing the prequel, Star Warfare: Epoch Nightmare. As a bonus, at some point after these are finished I plan to write a special treat for you guys, Star Warfare: Gems of…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 29 August 2016

Hellfire: Chapter 11

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  • 2 F.H. Cavern
  • 3 The Chronicles of PT003
  • 4 Data Analysis
  • 5 411
  • 6 Hellus Terminal
  • 7 Beacon Tower
    • 7.1 Next: Chapter 12

The transport drills made their way through a pre-carved tunnel and ended their travel at a docking bay, where armed guards stood post. The guards directed the drills in an organized manner to empty their contents safely. The first transports opened with civilians escorted into the new UNCC base. The second wave of transports opened with soldiers exiting. The last transport opened with Nikida and Sardec exiting with their helmets in their arms. Sardec looked around at the new UNCC headquarters. The rocky walls were covered in plant vines and the ground was a soft dirt. The inconsistencies of the landscape seemed natura…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 19 July 2016

Hellfire: Chapter 10

  • 1 Previous: Chapter 9
  • 2 Orbital Drop
  • 3 Sand
  • 4 UBW-594244 Terminal
  • 5 No Place Like Home
  • 6 En Route
  • 7 A Small Victory
    • 7.1 Next: Chapter 11

Sardec spent his final moments daydreaming about the life he wanted, when his helmet received a transmission from a nearby source.

"User Sardec", said Catalyst.

"What do you want?"

"Should you grant us access, we may be able to lessen the severity of your situation."

"What do you mean? Elaborate please."

"Should enough falling speed be reduced, I may create a protective shield to save you from certain death."

"Brand's Gift wouldn't have enough power to counter my descent. Unless... Hygeio!"

"Yes, user?"

Outside sound began to return as Sardec entered UBP116's atmosphere.

"I need you to use every unit of your power to create an ov…

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JEAN9999 JEAN9999 4 July 2016

SWFF - Rise of the 901st SS: Paladin Chapter 18: Let it Burn

Let it Burn 12 years before the war

"I sense you are troubled. Do you want to share something?"

"No, Mr. Flagg... It's just, I want to know that what we are doing here, all of this, will be worth it in the end."

"In the end? Nothing ever ends, Thomas. There are new beginnings. Only finite beings, aware of their own mortal existence, think in such deterministic ways trying. Do you not realize? What you are doing here is harboring a new era. What you see in front of is our creation. That power that which up to this point only the selfish gods held. It is through this avatar that we will exert our will upon reality. That will be your legacy. Is that not what you seek?"

Across the one way mirror stands tall a sealed liquid tank in which a white hai…

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AbsoluteZero12 AbsoluteZero12 26 June 2016

Star Warfare: Epoch Nightmare -- Prologue

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April 19, 1073 UBW

"Hey!" greeted a man in a white lab coat, with the doors opening with a hiss as he walked through, and closing behind him. "How are we feeling today, Mr.…?"

"Hadron. Though isn't it somewhere on that fancy clipboard of yours?"

The man chuckled. "It is, but you were quicker to the punch."

"You've seen me at least five other times. Gonna jack me up with more of that voodoo in a needle?"

"To put it simply, uh…" he looked at his clipboard. "Ray, the injections you've been receiving are…more or less enhancement supplements. That's why we've been also had you involved in physical testing."

Ray smirked. "When do I get the punching bag in a lab uniform?"

"A sense of humor. I'd almost forgotten you're quite the wisecrack, …

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 21 June 2016

Hellfire: Chapter 9

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  • 2 Planetary Fortress
  • 3 Directive 1
  • 4 A Third Party
  • 5 Directive 2
  • 6 Self Destruct Sequence Activated
  • 7 Directive 3
  • 8 Escape Vessel
  • 9 CrimsonQueen
  • 10 Catalyst
  • 11 A New Revolution
  • 12 Final Goodbye
    • 12.1 Next: Chapter 10

The exit portal appeared for a brief moment, arriving Sardec as his destination. His times of isolation had come to its close. The space station he had been fighting to gain access to was a large battleground. Two sides of armored figures were firing their weapons at each other; wearing the same armors that he has seen back home and within the overlord vessels.

Sardec had arrived on a raised platform connected to two ramps, close to the central area of combat. He backed away to the back edge of the structure to hide himself from the…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 24 May 2016

Hellfire: Chapter 8

  • 1 Previous: Chapter 7
  • 2 Lava Core
  • 3 HatredNuke
  • 4 Demster
  • 5 Flashback
  • 6 An Objective
  • 7 Cerberlisk
  • 8 Twilight
  • 9 Mobile Security
    • 9.1 Next: Chapter 9

As the portal closed, Sardec's skin began to sting as the temperature in the air dramatically changed. He fell down onto his knees, staring at the heated rock floor supporting him. He rose up, examining his new environment. The air was red and polluted with smoke. The tall hills in the distance appeared warped by the heat waves. Neighboring the hot rocky floor, a river of lava flowed downwards below. Within the river of lava, artificial drilling machines were extracting white crystals without malfunctioning from the immense heat. Just looking at the smokey air made Sardec want to throw a coughing fit, despite his ar…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 20 April 2016

Hellfire: Chapter 7

  • 1 Previous: Chapter 6
  • 2 Frozen Pole
  • 3 Myth371
  • 4 Crashed Ship
  • 5 Fresh Clothes
  • 6 Mighty Bulldozer
  • 7 Frost Stone
  • 8 Nirvana
  • 9 Beacon Cave
    • 9.1 Next: Chapter 8

One moment, Sardec was standing in a botanical garden. The next moment, he was mid air over water, next to a glacier. He fell down into the icy water, where he saw jellyfish-like creatures extracting blue minerals. His HUD lit up with danger alarms. Immediately the sub zero temperature began to burn his flesh and slow his cybernetic parts. He waved his arms upwards to break for the surface. He reached for the nearest ledge and pulled himself up to land. The water on his Eagle armor soon began to freeze.

"I'm afraid I cannot repair your hull at the same rate as the harsh cold. I advise you to find a shelter." …

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 31 March 2016

Hellfire: Chapter 6

  • 1 Previous: Chapter 5
  • 2 Bizzare Greenhouse
  • 3 New Blood
  • 4 Pursuit
  • 5 Dead Eye
  • 6 Hygeio
  • 7 Fort-I
  • 8 Security Tower
    • 8.1 Next: Chapter 7

Sardec has travelled through the mountain for two hours. The tunnels seemed endless. His map system was useless. The only thing keeping him on track were the artificial lights left behind. Soon the tunnels became brighter as natural light shone through from the outside. He sighed from relief and hurried his way outside. Before his eyes was an exquisite piece of land. Large mushrooms towered over him, glistening in the moonlight. The floor was cracked with water running through. A large building stood in the center of the land, with several large mushrooms protruding from its rooftop, and green sac-like fungi hanging amongst its …

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 23 February 2016

Hellfire: Chapter 5

  • 1 Previous: Chapter 4
  • 2 Banished Battlefield
  • 3 Spotted
  • 4 Transmission
  • 5 Scavenging
  • 6 The Hunt
  • 7 Metal Crawler
  • 8 Collapsar
  • 9 Security Beacon
    • 9.1 Next: Chapter 6

One moment, Sardec stood on the surface of UBW-594244. A flash of light overtook his sight and he felt a slight stinging sensation amongst his skin. When his vision returned, he found himself in a new land entirely. Floors of sand, sun bleached metal structures, a tall mountain, and a large glowing tower in the distance. His H.U.D alerted him that his global positioning system was not receiving any signals and could not assist. He stepped forward and felt his feet lightly sink into the soft sand. His eyes were focused on the tall glowing tower in the distance and began to walk in its direction. Its sli…

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AbsoluteZero12 AbsoluteZero12 23 February 2016

Star Warfare: Renegade - Epilogue

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A black card laid upon the kitchen table. White text written on it, reading "I never truly understood _________ until I encountered _________.". Ashe held a finger over her lips, which were curled into a light smile. Keena looked at the ten white cards in her hand. She pulled two, sliding them face-down beside the black card, and then drew two more from the white deck. Rei chuckled lightly as she followed suit. Canis frowned, staring at his own hand.

"I'm still not certain I quite grasp the concept of this game…" He said.

Ashe put her hand down. "Just think like a terrible person. Not that you have it in you, Canis."

Canis raised an eyebrow. He looked back at his hand before he slid two of his own cards toward Rei's and Keen…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 19 January 2016

Hellfire: Chapter 4

  • 1 Previous: Chapter 3
  • 2 Data Extraction
  • 3 411
  • 4 UBP116 Terminal
  • 5 Beacon Tower
    • 5.1 Next: Chapter 5

Three computer operations worked the large console at the UNCC camp. Kellogg entered the room with PT003. "What have we found?" Kellogg asked. "There is still a lot we haven't deciphered yet", explained the first operator. "But so far we have trivial things like protocols, health issues like diseases, breakouts, something about a 6066, and it goes on. Nothing that I can say is really say can help us." "You said 'disease'. Are there elements on UBW that they consider hazardous?"

"From the looks of it, no. Nothing on this world that seems lethal."

"Valcode, sir!" Spoke the second operator. "I'm getting something real big here. It's showing information regard…

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JEAN9999 JEAN9999 4 January 2016

SWFF - Rise of the 901st SS: Paladin Chapter 17: Town of Light

Town of Light While still seeking shelter within the sanctum of his mind, Rico could only find chaos and vivid illusions of a apocalyptic future. What perhaps could be labeled as visions became more of a reality within the microcosmos of the brain, his reasoning fleeting with worry and guilt, but perhaps the chaos that haunted Rico was not from within but from the outside as the interplanetary conflict grew as more people became afflicted by the demonstrations of violence. With London and the rest of England in total ruins and the rest of Earth sure to follow the collapse of human civilization, at least on the local UHA cluster seemed certain; albeit by human cause and not demonic or alien, it still ingrained the fact that ruin was ashore. …

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 14 December 2015

Hellfire: Chapter 3

  • 1 Previous: Chapter 2
  • 2 The Plan
  • 3 Armory
  • 4 The Archive
  • 5 Inner Sanctum
  • 6 Intervention
  • 7 Ready for Operation
  • 8 Immunity
    • 8.1 Next: Chapter 4

UNCC soldiers were gathered around. Valcode Kellogg and Julian Sardec stood in the middle. Kellogg began to speak.

"Alright, men. Today, we begin our campaign. To my side is our volunteer, Julian Sardec. He has agreed to enter The Archive and retrieve whatever intel he can possibly get, so we may at last learn the secrets of our oppressors. As you know, this is an underground network we have constructed, and have gained access to the city power grid undetected. Nikida will disable cause a power surge connected to The Archive. This will disorient the security guards there, allowing for Julian here to enter among their ran…

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JEAN9999 JEAN9999 29 November 2015

SWFF - Rise of the 901st SS: Paladin Chapter 16: Deicide


Tell me, d'Acosta, why do you still fight? How are you still alive?!

7 years ago

"Ahhchu! Crap!"

Daily, without a miss, as soon as the first ray of sun hit Javier's face the morning allergies would kick in as if part of a curse brought by his mother's bloodline. Everyone of his cousins, uncles, and aunts, except for his grandma & Great Aunt Eneida, suffered from them. He pertains them jokingly to being allergic to day in general although his grandmother is certain it is a little remnant of a backfiring hex against her mother's spiritual enemy.

"Enrique, breakfast's ready!"

Barely able to speak, Javier goes down to the kitchen to meet his grandmother cooking. "Ahh, goddamn, what hour is it? Ahhchu!"

"I told you not to curse your lord's nam…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 25 November 2015

Hellfire: Chapter 2

  • 1 Previous: Chapter 1
  • 2 Underground
  • 3 Examination
  • 4 Valcode
  • 5 The Proposal
  • 6 Human Food
    • 6.1 Next: Chapter 3

Sardec, now at the base of the ladder beneath the manhole, has found himself in a dark tunnel. Having no portable light source, he held his Passer forward as he slowly walked forward into the darkness. Relying on the glow of the Passer, Sardec can barely see two feet in front of him, bumping into a wall. He felt around the wall, hugging it as he walked forward and noticing a sharp turn. After a few more minutes of blindly navigating through the tunnels, he is overwhelmed by a sudden flash of ceiling lights. As his eyes adjust to the sudden stimulation, he sees armored guards facing their weapons at him.

"Stand down" one of them shouted.

A sharp bitt…

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AbsoluteZero12 AbsoluteZero12 10 November 2015

Star Warfare: Renegade - Chapter 24

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There was a violent shake. Canis, Keena, and Rei stood on the bridge with Glenn.

"What was that?!" Glenn cried.

A deckhand ran up, almost as if to answer him. "Sir! We just got rammed by a personal vessel!"

"Nothing showed on radar. How, and more importantly, why would someone ran into us?"

Screams could be heard from outside. Rei gasped in surprise.

"That sounded like Mom! Let's go!"

Everyone bolted toward the noise. Sure enough, they found Ray standing in front of Ashe in a protective stance. Jace had a single TII-3 Eternity in hand. They were on the port side of the deck, and was rather small. Only a few deckhands could come through without overcrowding. A figure was approaching Ray when he looked up and notic…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 26 October 2015

Hellfire: Chapter 1

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  • 2 20 Years After Humanity's Defeat
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  • 4 The Great Assignment
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UBW-594244, once the final refuge for humankind, now the capital of the Kartinava race. Where one could come feel safe and ponder their thoughts, now in possession by the enemy. All human territory remaining are facilities called Human Farms, where man is monitored like cattle. Their choices are ultimately meaningless, for they all share the same fate--candidates for the Great Assignment, where their future is chosen by the authorities, may they become possessed by an individual parasitic worm, chosen to assist in human repopulation, or become a means of entertainment.

Among the individuals who were merrily g…

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Silent Andromeda Silent Andromeda 14 October 2015

Enclosed in Darkness

Commander Sullivan raised his Laser Cannon to the figure that formerly belonged to Wallis Tearking. The Cannon grew red until it finally released its powerful super heated plasma, striking the alien commander in the torso. Yet the creature only laughed as the ray had no effect. A long, sharp tentacle extended from his back and launched at Andrew's chest, penetrating his durable Andromedae armor. Sullivan screamed in agony as his personal Cygni Guards immediately jumped into action. Mark, Daniel, and Jarod tried to assist their fallen leader, but to no avail. The Commander granted the three access to his personal weapons before letting out his final breath. 

The creature called Aivsht Murak extended his whole body into a large monstrosity wi…

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AbsoluteZero12 AbsoluteZero12 30 September 2015

Star Warfare: Renegade - Chapter 23

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Keena was getting frustrated. It seemed like nothing she was doing was keeping her opponent on the ground, no matter how well-placed her blows were. It was as if he couldn't feel her dagger's sharp blade at all.

"How durable are you?!"

"I am bulletproof!"

"You've got to be kidding me…"

"Put up fists!"

Keena sighed and sheathed her dagger, and held up her arms ready. There was a constant exchange of blows. Keena was able to dodge or block every swing, and counter with kicks or judo throws.

"I will kill you with bare hands!" The heavy muttered as he stood up again. "Medic!"

"Ze target got away!" The doctor yelled from afar, running down the hallway toward their location.

"Charge now, Docta!"

Aiming his weapon at the he…

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AbsoluteZero12 AbsoluteZero12 13 August 2015

Star Warfare: Renegade - Chapter 22

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Bard swung his bō nonstop, whacking anything in his way. Rei followed closely as he sprinted toward the bunker, suppressing any questions she wanted to ask Bard about his appearance.

"We're almost there, Rei. Once we are in --"

The ground started to rumble, cutting him off. An enormous creature as wide as the bunker hole itself leapt out, spewing fire from one of its two heads. Keena caught up with them, noticing the giant alien. She tried to speak in shock.

"Is that a…a…?!"

"Cerberlisk!" Bard finished.

One of its mouths opened and expanded. Bard drove his bō into the dirt and grabbed Rei's arm.

"What are you doing? We need to run!"

"Grab on, Keena!" He called to her, completely ignoring Rei. She hastily obeyed.


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JEAN9999 JEAN9999 31 July 2015

SWFF - Rise of the 901st SS: Paladin Chapter 15: Family -Right or Wrong: Pt.2

Family-Right or Wrong: Pt.2

While laying in a room, Acosta talks with Vex, now owner of Infinity Defense, through a call as she is currently at the military colony of UBW. Shifting the focus of the conversation from that of strictly business to a more casual one, Vex remarks,

"You know, you haven't called your grandmother in a while, right?"

"I know, I should have..."

"Well, she worries about you. She called me last week to see if I knew of you. I told her you were fine and all, but she still would like for you to pay her a visit once in a while."

"As soon as the contract is over, I will. If not, just remind me, will you?"

"I'll sure will. She's a charm, I'll say."

"She sure is... I wouldn't mind some some of her scrambled eggs."

"By the way, what…

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JEAN9999 JEAN9999 30 June 2015

SWFF - Rise of the 901st SS: Paladin Chapter 14: Family -Right or Wrong: Pt.1

Family-Right or Wrong: Pt.1

The casualty toll being massive on both sides, the remaining rebels are forced to pillage the bodies of the enemy soldiers that participated on the failed mission, as well on their own, for survival. Without much supplies left at the wake of lingering ruins, they are forced to take from the dead.

Taking a tag from a decapitated corpse, a rebel looks at the other two prisoners and then asks to another as they continue defiling the remains,

"What do we do with these two?"

"Just kill them. Easier to just take weapons than prisoners. Remember that.", says the more pragmatic rebel.

Frightened for his future, many thoughts race through Adam's mind as he gets put to his knees alongside his unknown comrade, not older than 19…

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Adamthejada6969 Adamthejada6969 29 June 2015

Star Warfare 2 Payback Chapter 6 Script

Location:Galaxy's Demise

Description:A desolate apocalyptic environment with burnt trees and massive rock formations, alongside floating platforms and planets breaking apart mid air.

Mission 1:Survive for 10 Minutes Mission 2:Defend the Array Mission 3:Kill 1 Gargonitra Mission 4:Destroy the Spawning Creator Mission 5:Kill all the Aliens Mission 6:Slay the Boss(MythEye9005)


PT003, Lt Bill, Sarah(another remaining human), MythEye9005(that giant jellyfish figure from stage 4)

Mission 1 Description

However we ended up in this catastrophic hell hole, the strange odor really draws them in and no one knows why

PT003:This place is hell!!!! What's happening with the planets up there? What is this place?

Lt Bill:I think we should get out of here…

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JEAN9999 JEAN9999 14 June 2015

SWFF - Rise of the 901st SS: Paladin Chapter 13: Forsaken

Forsaken Alone, Rico finds himself amidst the territory of the enemy; but more isolated is he amongst his own mind, his reality shattered by the experience of facing directly at reality incarnate itself. A god, he encountered? Not the one he has known for a lifetime: omni-benevolent, omni-present, omni-powerful, all-knowing, the god he had grown to love. No, it named itself Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos. Deity of a foreign religion outside of his own. He faced a god nonetheless, a unrelenting force capable of taking life away in a instant like it did for Aziza right before his very eyes.

But, perhaps he is so utterly crushed by the death of his comrades at the hands of a unknown enemy that he has begun to lose his mind, the weight of bei…

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PegasusMan PegasusMan 14 June 2015

The Journey: Chapter 2- The Illusion Lab

November 16th, 2030

Having Atomutan has helped out majorly in the trainng techniques.  That suit is very over powered.  When connected to a sniper rifle, the suit grants extra power to the laser weapon.  Using that technique, June has finished the first part of her training, which is to defeat ten levels of Creatures that Dr. Cunningham has created.  Now she's in the Illusion Lab, her favorite place to "play" in her free time.  She's not alone though; Ben McCary and I have defeated the Creatures and moved on with her.

Ben and I also have our own suits.  Ben's suit was originally called W-Thunderus.  He renamed it "Thunder."  My suit, an advanced one, was originally called S-Perstu.  I renamed it "Perseus."

In the Illusion Lab, there are curre…

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AbsoluteZero12 AbsoluteZero12 12 June 2015

Star Warfare: Renegade - Chapter 21

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"So you've been with her for a while?"

"Yes. I met her when she tried to ambush me outside of Olympia City. I've been watching out for her since."

"Was it just out of pity, or for another reason?"

Bard walked with Glenn from the bridge.

"Mainly because I understand what it feels like to lose family members. Other points go toward her youth, and I learned from someone I once knew that I shouldn't need a reason to help those in need."

Glenn was silent for a moment.

"Does it bother you to know she's high on the wanted list?"

"Absolutely not. I never approved of some of her actions no, but she's a good kid. She's atoned for her mistakes. From my point of view, that is."

"Good to know she's had support. Capital murder i…

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Hex8227 Hex8227 4 June 2015

Rise of the Delta-X forces: A new age

​Hello my freinds! A new fanfic has apeared in my mind. Hope you enjoy! -Hex 

(Note: the text is small because I was originaly writing it on text edit... and I was writing in heveltica, I'm not sure if any of you are famillier with heveltica.) 

UNHM’s northern UBW military station, CPF room.

6783, April

I don’t know where I am, I don’t know what’s happening to me…at least…I think that something is happening to me. I feel like I’m floating in water, except it doesn’t quite feel like water, its warmer…and more relaxing. I hear voices, some of them are gruff and some of them are light. One of them asks: “Is he ready?” Another one replies: “He had better be, or else we’re all doomed.” “What about the others?” says the first voice, “They will prote…

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Adamthejada6969 Adamthejada6969 24 May 2015

Star Warfare 2 Payback Stage 6 Script(or whatever is going to be the final stage in star warfare 2)

Location:Galaxy's Demise

Description:A desolate apocalyptic environment with burnt trees and massive rock formations, alongside floating platforms and planets breaking apart mid air.

Mission 1:Survive for 10 Minutes Mission 2:Defend the Array Mission 3:Kill 1 Gargonitra Mission 4:Destroy the Spawning Creator Mission 5:Kill all the Aliens Mission 6:Slay the Boss(MythEye9005)


PT002, Lt Bill, Sarah(another remaining human), MythEye9005(that giant jellyfish figure from stage 4)

Mission 1 Description

However we ended up in this catastrophic hell hole, the strange odor really draws them in and no one knows why

PT002:This place is hell!!!! What's happening with the planets up there? What is this place?

Lt Bill:I think we should get out of …

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PegasusMan PegasusMan 13 May 2015

The Journey: Chapter 1- The Prototype

March 3rd, 2030

Six o'clock, ET (Eastern Time)

"Hup!  Hup!" Captain Yakuze yelled at my troop.  "Keep going!  Keep going, men!"  He started to clap to encourage us.  Then he stopped and pulled me over.

"Jatson,"  Cap. Yazuke exclaimed at me.  "We need to talk."

"Sure, Captain,"  I responded.  "When?"

"After warm-ups if you're free.  Major Roads doesn't need you?"

"I don't believe so.  Last time I needed to go to him was sometime last month."

Cap. Yakuze patted my back.  "Good.  I don't want to see you there anymore, understood?"

I nod my head.  "Yes, Captain."

I did my usual warm-up with my troop, Troop #101.  I'm a Sergeant First Class leader.  Sergeant Jatson Timothy King is my name, but my friends call me Jat for short.  I'm not a perfect soldie…

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PegasusMan PegasusMan 17 April 2015

The Journey: Prologue

It all started with communication.  NASA finally made contact with interstellar beings.  The beings intercepted the contact, and discovered it's place of origin.  Now they're headed here.  And we only have two years until they arrive.

We don't know what they will do when they arrive, but we must be ready.  That is a must.  So scientists created the Prototype Class, a group of elite soldiers from the best militaries around the Earth.  Using these elite soldiers, they put them in suits that made them virtually invincible.  They will be our defense.  They will protect us.

To practice for what might come, Dr. Cunningham, a famous scientist, injected a super-serum into insects, arthropods and baby mammals to create deadly creatures.  From a Wasp …

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Adamthejada6969 Adamthejada6969 15 April 2015

The Story of the events in Star Warfare Alien Invasion

WARNING!!!!! This maybe the most cringy and corny fanfic you will ever read on this wiki, self humor is advised and if you're looking for something serious oriented with perfect grammar, you won't find it here.

Star Warfare Alien Invasion .... what's the assumable storyline behind the game? I say well read it because you should

Note:This story isn't serious toned and rather stupid/hilarious you have been warned

Characters(Cause I can)

Main Soldier Dude = PT.002 Humans = A bunch of humans The Aliens = the aliens Wrath of Mantis = Cell Clone Poison Pit = Jeff Siegfried = Siegfried(names too awesome to be replaced) Double Rages AKA Mantis Siblings = Purple(female > Rosy) Green(male > Cell) Serpent = Sylvester Xmas Surprise = Santabot NK21

Chapter …

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AbsoluteZero12 AbsoluteZero12 4 April 2015

Star Warfare: Renegade - Chapter 20

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"Are you sure that's where we are?"

"Absolutely. I'd managed to annoy one of the guards enough to tell me."

"Ha. Annoying people has always been your best talent."




"…Does it disturb you to return here, Ray?"

Ray heaved a sigh. He had never thought that he would once again return to Hell's Keep, a place that was all to familiar to him.

"A little. I don't hold on to what part of me used to rest here, but the thought of it…it's a bit unnerving."

"It'll be alright. I'm here with you."

"I'm sorry, Ashe. Don't take this personally, but I really wish you weren't."

Ashe closed her eyes. She knew the thought of her being imprisoned by an organization of thugs tore him apart from the inside. She thought back to t…

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