New Paris during the battle

The Battle of New Paris was the second major battle between the United Human Alliance and the Aliens.  The battle was a result of the Alliance military's failure to halt the aliens at the Great Plains .


After the UHA military was overwhelmed at the disastrous Battle of the Plains, surviving ground personnel and resources were allocated to New Paris, a city in UBW's French Territory.  The city sat on high ground directly north of the Boreas Canyon, through which the massive alien army funneled through following the Battle of the Plains.  Realizing the importance of New Paris, the Alliance military and provisional French military worked swiftly to fortify the city.


Thanks to New Paris' advanced early warning system, UHA forces knew exactly when to expect the alien attack.  The military used the sophisticated urban environment to their defensive advantage.

Military checkpoints had been set up along all major roads and streets leading south.  These roadblocks, consisting of entrenched riflemen, machinegunners, and rocket jeeps (there were no tanks available at the time) proved virtually impervious to the alien advance.  In addition, dozens of sniper teams had been deployed on rooftoops across the city, playing a crucial role in supressing the onslaught, as well as eliminating aliens that wandered undetected behind the lines.

The defensive lines were eventually pushed back a quarter mile, stranding countless snipers on the abandoned rooftops.  Lt. Gen. Jagdtanker, having recovered from crippling injuries sustained in the previous plains, led a 901st team to help evacuate the snipers.  A GIGN team lead by Capt. Jacques Marion, and a Delta team lead by Staff Sgt. Ghost Warrior, also played a role in recovering the marksmen.

Eventually, the aliens were forced out of the city, having sustained catastrophic losses in their attack.  The Alliance military routed the aliens, chasing them back into the canyon and wiping out stragglers.