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Arkeo is a Ridge Planet, a group of planets near Dangerous Space. It is roughly 2/3 the size of [Earth] and has only a few towns and mining settlemets. It is being claimed by the Shadowbeings and TISOL.

Arkeo in A Galaxy Divided[]

Arkeo's surface.

Arkeo is a far-off planet in the Ridge Planets. It is a wanted target of many governments, and is a source of purple mithril. It is under control of the Shadowbeings, and has become one of their key planets. It is a shipyards, launch point for ships, military storage, and weapons development center. After the shadowbeings began development, Arkeo became a citadel planet, and it was boasted to be impenetrable.

Arkeo's General History[]

Arkeo was originally an empty sparsley populated planet. But after 6 months, the planet reached a population of 5 million, a fairly large number for such a small sized planet. The shadowbeings quickly built citadels to protect mithril-warp stations and made it their capital after their home planet was "Reconditioned".