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• 2/25/2014

Writers' Block (fanfic listing) page has been created

Hey guys,

I've copied the "Writers' Block" page from the original SW wiki over here. For those who haven't seen it before, it's a page designed to list all fanfics which the writers want recognised. Please read the following carefully before using it.

  1. Unlike the original wiki, the Writers' Block here lists fanfics categorised as "BlockListing". I've changed the coding because several pages on this wiki have already been labelled as "Fanfic", so I used a more distinct name to prevent confusion as to what the "BlockListing" category is for.
  2. The category name is case sensitive -- you must type a capital "B" and a capital "L". If you do not type it as "BlockListing" exactly, you will create a new category (and your fanfic will not show up in the list).
  3. DO NOT ADD THE BlockListing CATEGORY TO MORE THAN ONE CHAPTER OR BLOG PER STORY. Doing so causes multiple chapters of the same story to appear on the listing page, which creates a lot of clutter.
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• 2/28/2014

Very nice, thanks Undead. Very appreciated. I myself am planning on writing a prequel fanfic about Paladin. I think this will be very nice as a archive when I finally upload it.

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